They can’t know about me

Short Film, 2023

The film looks at our main character Frank under a microscope as he carries out a secretive and addictive lifestyle with destructive consequences for the intimate relationships he has built and is taking for granted.
Frank is a bisexual man, a father and a husband who has never addressed or come to terms with his sexuality for fear of being ostracized in society. Though he has a fully healthy intimate relationship with his wife Linda and love for his daughter Jen – Frank is still seeking out his repressed carnal desires, and
doing so in secret.
He has been maintaining this lifestyle for years and in doing so undermining the value of the family he already has. His dishonesty and shame around his sexuality is revealed when he is threatened with being outed by security staff.
Ultimately Frank gets an awakening from the incident that he narrowly escapes – and holds on tight to the intimate relationships he has formed. While this could be seen as a shock to his senses and appreciation of what he has to lose, the allure of Frank’s addictive lifestyle will likely resurface as he remains untruthful
about himself.
It is also the beginning of his unraveling and forecasted downfall as Frank’s wife Linda begins to sense her seemingly faithful husband is not being truthful anymore.

a Western Front Studios Production in association with Foxesgrove Pictures 

Written and Directed by Michael Carolan

Produced by Emer Durcan

Cinematography by Brian Durcan

Set Design by Saoirse O’Shea

Costume Design by Kate O’Doherty

Make up by Jean Louise Keady

Edited by Brian Durcan and Michael Carolan

Sound Design by James Latimer

Music by Michael Carolan

Colour grade by Natalia Witkowska at Element Post


Frank – Richard McWilliams

Linda – Fiona O’Carroll

Jen – Callie Weir

Cauis – Jan Schwider

Filipe – LEON D.

Security Guard – Ben Condron

Supervisor – George Bracebridge

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